Jobpac is recommended by UpFlow, a top Digital Solutions firm, when it comes to fresh and innovative solutions to streamline procedures. It’s easy to integrate scanned Watercare, Veolia, and Waikato water invoices with Mercury Power Invoices with Jobpac. UpFlow’s skilled team can assist you with scanning directly to a Jobpac web service, eliminating the need for extra data entry.

Real Landlord Insurance and Honan Insurance Invoices are now also able to be processed within the Jobpac system. This makes it easier for enterprises that utilise Jobpac as their Property Management Software. Read on to learn more about Jobpac and the advantages of partnering with UpFlow.

Enjoy an organised, efficient digital solution

Jobpac makes the process of digitised documentation easy, with fast and automated solutions that save you the hassle of keying in data. Ask about our scan to Jobpac solution that can process the following types of documents automatically:

A Jobpac automated solution requires very minimal end-user involvement. You simply scan the document or email it to a Jobpac Scanning email address, and our expert team will take care of the rest. The next thing you know, the document is in your Jobpac web service via your document flow, indexed and ready to process.

Trust a leading provider of digital solutions with your Jobpac installation

UpFlow is the expert option for document and workflow management. We offer a range of full document life cycle management solutions that will improve the efficiency of your business with workflows that are managed from the cloud. 

Jobpac is just one of the products amongst some of the biggest names in work automation we integrate with, all backed by support from our expert team. Furthermore, with our innovative document management solutions and a dedicated customer success manager for each client, you have everything you need to succeed.

Our experts can help you maximise your investment and efficiently process your documents with Jobpac for existing users or those considering it.

Has Covid-19 changed the way businesses manage data?

Steven, UpFlow’s CEO published an article on LinkedIn around how business data is now potentially more at risk since the rapid WFH deployment for so many organisations.

We would love to hear your thoughts!

PSIcapture – Foodfirst New Zealand case study

Foodfirst has over 4500 invoices per month coming into their business via email and hard copy. As such, This required 4 full-time employees and 1 part-time to ensure all the data was entered into the Accredo accounting software in a timely fashion.

PSIcapture – Microsoft case study

Microsoft’s Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) division had a paper problem that needed a resolution. For example, the Legal Team was buried in paper records, and with strict requirements on their record-keeping process, paper was creating business bottlenecks due to the inefficiencies of physical records. The records facility was growing at a rate of 3,000 files per month, adding to the already 35,000 files in storage. Many of the files, up to two reams in length, were difficult to manage, and retrievals were creating an adverse impact on team efficiency.

Speak to UpFlow about a tailored solution for you today

We offer a range of solutions that have the ability to work together or independently to improve your organisation’s processing methods. Our team works hard to help your business to be more efficient by delivering effective technology solutions that suit companies of all sizes.

The UpFlow team features an array of experts from support engineers for ongoing care to professional service engineers for implementation services and more. With our team on the case, your business will find it much easier to grow thanks to efficiencies across the board. Let’s chat today about how our Jobpac integration or any of our other custom solutions can benefit you.

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