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UpFlow Pty Ltd (member of the Ellby Group) Announces Distribution Rights for Ephesoft Inc (a Kofax Company) for the Asia Pacific Region.

[Brisbane, 17th July 2023] – UpFlow Pty Ltd (Ellby Group), a leading provider of innovative business solutions, is excited to announce the distribution rights for Ephesoft Inc in the Asia Pacific region. This strategic partnership signifies a major milestone in UpFlow’s dedication to empowering organisations with advanced document capture and data analytics solutions.

“We are thrilled to announce that we have secured the distribution rights for Ephesoft in the Asia Pacific region,” said Lee Green, Sales Director at UpFlow Pty Ltd (Ellby Group). “This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to empowering organisations with cutting-edge document capture and enriched data collection Intelligent Document Processing. By partnering with Ephesoft, a global leader in Intelligent Document Processing, we are poised to revolutionise the way businesses across Asia Pacific handle their document-centric processes.”

Ephesoft Inc is renowned for its expertise in intelligent document processing, providing businesses with the tools to streamline and automate their document workflows effectively. With this distribution rights agreement, UpFlow Pty Ltd (Ellby Group) is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for innovative document management solutions in the Asia Pacific region.

“Together, we will unlock new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and insight, enabling our clients to stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape,” stated Steven Chenery, CEO at UpFlow Pty Ltd (Ellby Group). “We look forward to delivering unparalleled value and driving transformative outcomes for our customers.”

This collaboration between UpFlow Pty Ltd (Ellby Group)¬†and Ephesoft Inc represents a powerful synergy of expertise and technology, promising to revolutionise the way organisations manage their documents and extract valuable insights from their data. With Ephesoft’s advanced document processing capabilities and UpFlow’s proven track record in delivering innovative solutions, businesses across the Asia Pacific region can expect enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in their operations.

“Organizations that continue to embrace digital transformation projects in the coming years will position themselves for tremendous growth. We’re excited to support businesses alongside Steven and his team throughout the Asia Pacific region ready to adopt new technologies and achieve greater efficiencies,” said Gaetan Spake, Vice President, Channel Sales at Kofax.

About UpFlow Pty Ltd (Ellby Group)

UpFlow Pty Ltd (Ellby Group) is a leading provider of innovative business solutions, empowering organisations with cutting-edge technologies to optimise their processes and drive growth. With a strong commitment to delivering exceptional value and customer satisfaction, UpFlow Pty Ltd (Ellby Group) helps businesses across various industries transform their operations and achieve sustainable success. To learn more, visit https://upflow.solutions/

About Ephesoft Inc, a Kofax Company

Ephesoft Inc, a Kofax Company, is a leading provider of intelligent document processing solutions. By combining advanced OCR (optical character recognition), machine learning, and data extraction technologies, Ephesoft enables organizations to automate and streamline their document-centric processes. With a strong focus on innovation, Ephesoft helps businesses across various industries unlock the value of their unstructured data, improving efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. As part of the Kofax family, Ephesoft leverages its expertise and resources to deliver best-in-class solutions for intelligent capture, workflow automation, and content analytics, empowering organizations to achieve digital transformation and gain a competitive edge in the digital era.”

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