Robotic Process Automation

Efficiently Automate Repetitive Tasks with Bots for Heavy Lifting

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) empowers companies to efficiently automate tasks, optimize processes, enhance workforce efficiency, and ultimately provide fulfilling customer and employee experiences. UpFlow can assist you in leveraging RPA technology to accomplish your digital transformation goals.

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Unattended Bots

Attended bots excel at boosting a single employee’s productivity. Nonetheless, when dealing with batch-based, high-volume processing that necessitates enterprise-level scalability, logging, and security, Cloud RPA is the ideal solution. Cloud RPA, an unattended bot technology, enables the creation and deployment of automations on dedicated virtual machines or servers. It centralizes job creation, submission, and production monitoring in the cloud, providing effortless access from any device.

Cloud RPA is the ideal solution for automating processes like:

Utilizing the same bot technology that underpins attended bots, Cloud RPA enables the creation of automations ranging from simple to highly complex to accomplish tasks effectively. The key distinction is that Cloud RPA automations do not operate on a worker’s desktop and are not triggered by a user within an application. Instead, Cloud RPA bots run on dedicated virtual machines or servers and are activated by non-user initiated tasks typically linked to batch-oriented processes. These triggers can include a job scheduler or timer, the presence of a data file (csv, xls, xml) in a drop folder, a web service call, email, text, or another custom event.

UpFlow has access to many platforms, including powerful tools which integrate with FileBound that are offered by Electroneek.

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