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So you’ve put in the time, effort, and money to find the ideal employee. That new worker may, however, receive and accept a competing offer letter sooner due to an inefficient HR process. Alternatively, they may leave the organisation in the future if they do not receive the service they require to feel valued. We understand that good help is difficult to come by, and even more difficult to keep happy.

From the initial engagement until separation, UpFlow’s FileBound solutions assist busy HR professionals in navigating the complexity of human capital management. FileBound collects all paperwork, including electronic forms, scanned documents, and files from desktop apps. Automation guarantees that each step is performed on time and notifies you if there are any potential delays. FileBound additionally gathers and routes all required paperwork to new employees, produces requirements checklists, sends out notifications, and keeps track of activities while providing timely feedback.

FileBound controls and monitors the whole lifespan of each employee record over the length of their career. When it’s time for a performance review, when forms need to be updated, or when training or certification is due to expire, the system notifies the employee and/or HR staff. FileBound ensures that the employee record is preserved in accordance with legal and company regulations after separation.

How can FileBound optimise your HR management processes?

The portal and assignment features of FileBound make applying for a job and processing the application a simple and uncomplicated process. Applicants can use FileBound’s Forms Portal to access, download, alter, and submit their applications, while HR and recruiting teams can route, interview, and approve new recruits all from within the system.

FileBound can produce a set of onboarding documents for each new hire and route them to the necessary personnel or departments (e.g. IT, Facilities, etc.) to prepare for the new worker’s first day for every new employee added. To guarantee that all papers and duties are done on time, a checklist is prepared and monitored.

The FileBound system may be used for everything from audit preparation to ensuring documented processes are followed as the HR lifecycle develops, to more service-on-demand scenarios where employees can make changes to benefit elections or request vacation.

When an employee is terminated, FileBound may develop the appropriate paperwork and checklists to guarantee that not only the employee’s files are handled properly, but also that their security and system rights are disconnected.  Within the system, all tasks are assigned and tracked, and a master checklist keeps a record of all completed and pending assignments.

Has Covid-19 changed the way businesses manage data?

Steven, UpFlow’s CEO published an article on LinkedIn around how business data is now potentially more at risk since the rapid WFH deployment for so many organisations.

We would love to hear your thoughts!

PSIcapture – Foodfirst New Zealand case study

Foodfirst has over 4500 invoices per month coming into their business via email and hard copy. This required 4 full-time employees and 1 part-time to ensure all the data was entered into the Accredo accounting software in a timely fashion.

PSIcapture – Microsoft case study

Microsoft’s Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) division had a paper problem that needed a resolution. For example, the Legal Team was buried in paper records, and with strict requirements on their record-keeping process, paper was creating business bottlenecks due to the inefficiencies of physical records. The records facility was growing at a rate of 3,000 files per month, adding to the already 35,000 files in storage. Many of the files, up to two reams in length, were difficult to manage, and retrievals were creating an adverse impact on team efficiency.

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Our solutions work to offer the following benefits to your business:

  • Reduces the risk of making costly duplicated payments
  • Increase employee accountability within the process and visibility of the process
  • Create a process that addresses incomplete or incorrect invoices
  • Accept discounts as a result of improved process cycle times
  • Reduce vendor relationship issues due to lost invoices or late payments
  • Create organisational scalability, which allows for varying volumes and growth
  • Reduce basic human error
  • Provide predictable operational costs for better planning and budgeting
  • Reduce corporate risks and provide disaster recovery and a continuity plan

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