FileBound Integration

UpFlow is a leading Digital Solutions company that offers cutting-edge solutions to improve process efficiency, and our option to optimise FileBound with an advanced Capture and Indexing platform is one of these.

No matter which industry you are in, be it education, healthcare, manufacturing or legal, FileBound can streamline your paper processes, and with our convenient direct integration, the process of moving documents into FileBound becomes effortless. Read on to learn more about how UpFlow can make your business operations much smoother.

UpFlow's FileBound integration option

The integration from our expert team allows you to determine everything from the structure of the documents to the naming conventions you want to use. You can define the metadata fields you want to populate with a workflow that sees the data extracted and used to populate the index fields within your FileBound application.

If your business uses FileBound for document management Solutions, UpFlow’s integration solution is the optimal way to capture and route documents into your FileBound application. Automate the capture and indexing process for a streamlined document management workflow that can save your organisation time and money, ensuring you are genuinely efficient.

Are you considering FileBound as an application for your business?

The team at UpFlow work regularly with FileBound and strongly recommend it as one of our efficient solutions. Heavily vetted by our experts, this is an enterprise-grade cloud document management solution that works as a cloud-native solution. Hosted on state-of-the-art infrastructure, FileBound offers outstanding security, reliability, and performance, and is a benefit to companies of all sizes. The platform is also certified to the ISO27001:2013 security standard.

If you are looking for ways to reduce your operational costs, FileBound can help. This program will improve your business processes by boosting your reporting abilities, making compliance a much simpler task. When backed with UpFlow’s dedicated Customer Success Program (CSP), the benefits from solutions like FileBound are assured.

Has Covid-19 changed the way businesses manage data?

Steven, UpFlow’s CEO published an article on LinkedIn around how business data is now potentially more at risk since the rapid WFH deployment for so many organisations.

We would love to hear your thoughts!

PSIcapture – Foodfirst New Zealand case study

Foodfirst has over 4500 invoices per month coming into their business via email and hard copy. This required 4 full-time employees and 1 part-time to ensure all the data was entered into the Accredo accounting software in a timely fashion.

PSIcapture – Microsoft case study

Microsoft’s Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) division had a paper problem that needed a resolution. For example, the Legal Team was buried in paper records, and with strict requirements on their record-keeping process, paper was creating business bottlenecks due to the inefficiencies of physical records. The records facility was growing at a rate of 3,000 files per month, adding to the already 35,000 files in storage. Many of the files, up to two reams in length, were difficult to manage, and retrievals were creating an adverse impact on team efficiency.

Grow and transform your business with an UpFlow FileBound integration today

When it comes to digital transformation that actually yields results, speak to the UpFlow team. We work with companies of all sizes to instil automation into their existing processes. This can improve everything from accounts payable to various operational processes and customer satisfaction. The end goal is greater financial health to ensure the longevity and growth of your business.  

Speak with our experts today about FileBound and the FileBound integration or any of our other digital solutions. With our help, you can re-design your processes and find peace of mind with the highest levels of security, reliability, and usability via our world-class programs. 

Let the UpFlow range of technology solutions improve your day-to-day tasks and benefit from digital transformation today. Join the long list of UpFlow customers who have taken the next logical step with single-source Enterprise Document Management software and our skilled support services. Make the smart choice with UpFlow today.

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