Is your Mackay-based company looking for new and innovative ways to streamline processes and maximise output.? If so, UpFlow is the expert team to call. Our leading digital solutions offer several benefits to companies of all sizes.

How your Mackay business can benefit from our solutions

Every business, regardless of size, across any industry can benefit from our software solutions. No matter which administrative issues you face we have a document and workflow management option to suit, inclusive of:

Document Capture, Classification and indexing for all Mackay businesses

Support your business decisions with quality data that we make it easy to make smarter decisions for critical business decisions.

Financial document scanning Mackay

All company and trusts documents can be digitised, classified and stored for compliance needs, protection and ease of access.

Accounts payable Mackay

Improve invoice processing and benefit from automatic routing, workflow automation, and document scanning with our range of solution that help save time and money.

Document management and workflow in Mackay

Your critical business data is safe and easily accessed via a centralised repository. Every Mackay company can automate their workflow processes based on index data for greater efficiency with our help.

Human resources Mackay

From the digital storage of all staff records to seamless and protected data integration, your HR department just became a lot more efficient.

Contract management Mackay

The management of all contracts can be automated with workflows and single location access in Mackay.

Are you the type of Mackay-based business that will benefit from our digital solutions?

Have you found a need to scale your business processes to help with growth and efficiency? The UpFlow team excels in streamlining the areas of capture, document management, workflow, eforms, and integration to make this an achievable goal. Refine your operations and reduce costs with automation.

UpFlow technology solutions utilize cloud services that suit and benefit businesses of all sizes. Document visibility is made easier by digitizing your paper stacks and using a single view application that provides access via any connected device. Speed up processes and ensure overall business efficiency with our suite of software.

Our solutions work with your existing programs!

Our specialists will ensure that any solution you decide to adopt will seamlessly integrate with your existing applications, even if you are yet to decide which ones they will be. Our holistic approach allows you to streamline your entire business process for the biggest return on investment. 

From the world’s leading ERP Solutions to cloud accounting, our programs become an extension to them for maximum efficiency. If this sounds daunting, our Mackay specialist team offer full support to guarantee your success.

Our software solutions

Whether your Mackay business requires an innovative document management system or a dedicated customer success manager, UpFlow is here to help. Our more significant offerings include:


All of our solutions can be integrated or work independently depending on your specific processing issues and needs. The goal is to help your business to be more efficient with effective technology solutions that are scalable to suit any company size.

To ensure your success, the UpFlow team offers a range of experts, including:

  • Support Engineers who provide ongoing care for all partners and clients
  • Professional Service Engineers for ensure efficient implementation services 
  • Manage Service Engineers for as-needed operational solutions and the day to day servicing of systems 
  • Channel and Customer Success Managers for further customer support

UpFlow : A leading provider of digital solutions Mackay and process re-engineering

We have years of experience in document and workflow management, offering Mackay businesses a range of full document life cycle management solutions by enabling workflows from the cloud. Do your employees operate around the world? We make it easy for all of them to access the same office.

UpFlow Mackay is a distribution and reseller partner for our handpicked and high-quality software solutions across the Asia Pacific region. Our goal is the success of your business, which is why we work with you to identify the right solutions for your needs. All with the goal of increasing your business efficiency.

We work with and offer some of the biggest software solutions in the work automation industry. Each one has been vetted for quality by our Mackay team to ensure every solution offers the finest results. 

We share your success

By supplying a wide range of support, the UpFlow team show their commitment to the success of your business. Our lines of support include:

The market demands for digital transformation are constantly evolving, and with our help, your company can adapt accordingly. Be it the automation of an accounts payable process, or a change to your operational processes, we set the primary goal of improved efficiency, which creates time and dollar savings for your company. This also helps to improve customer satisfaction and overall financial health.  

Speak to UpFlow today to understand how your company can benefit

A knowledgeable UpFlow representative is always on-hand to discuss the ways we can empower your business. Reach your full potential with help from our digital solutions Mackay and let our experts re-design your processes to find new efficiencies that support your business growth.

Benefit from our world-class programs which offer transparency and accountability via digital transformation. Contact our team today, and bring the benefits of single-source software and our supporting services into your world. UpFlow ensures that business efficiency is easy, so let’s get to work at helping your business grow.

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