PSIcapture – School Exam Processing

This week we have been very busy for UpFlow. We helped a partner in Asia prepare and plan for scanning in school exams. They needed the horse power of PSIcapture to process approximately 120 million images in 45 days!

Using Barcode detection, Classification of the exam papers, Validation on exam page lengths, Database lookups for student records and Redaction of student information to make the marking processes streamlined and non identifiable to the markers.

In between this, the team have also helped many other small businesses. Processing their document streams like an automotive business with only 159 documents last month.

It does not matter if you are processing only a few documents or millions of them, we can help you deliver your projects with PSIcapture. Our partners across APAC region can help you scale your business and get on the PSIcapture juice!

Reach out to the team at UpFlow for more information about how we can help you with our partners across Asia Pacific. Automate your paper or digital file scanning and data extraction requirements. With the advanced Classification and document recognition in PSIcapture prepare to be amazed. Complex tasks in other capture products can be made simple using PSIcapture. 

Contact us to learn more about how your business can benefit from this and the help of the UpFlow team.


Paper scanning with PSICapture
PSIcapture can help you get back in control
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