Tip of the day – Remove Create Batch Screen in PSIcapture

Tip of the day for PSIcapture users!

For users or engineers that are starting a new batch via the Capture / Import option in PSIcapture you would normally see the “Create Batch” pop up screen. If you do not want to see this pop up you can remove it.

  1. Open up the Capture Profile that you want to change
  2. Expand the Capture Profile Tab
  3. Select the advanced tab go to the section for “Additional Batch Options”
  4. The last check box in this section is “Suppress Create Batch dialog when starting capture in Capture module”.
  5. Make sure this one is checked.

It’s that simple!

You can download a Sample configuration here: Remove the Create Batch Pop Up Screen Example Config
This Sample Profile requires a installation of Version: or greater. Once downloaded, unzip and then Import this profile into your PSIcapture application, save and then run the profile. 

Just one way that you can improve Capture demonstrations, speed up testing of concepts and improve users lives that use a directly connected scanner to bring documents into PSIcapture.

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